Hari ini marilah kita bersama sama memikiorkan tentang masa hadapan

Futurama?! haha Tak. It's future, where as things happen without we know.
We doesn't have clue about that.
The Almighty Allah knows it all.

What I want in the future?
well, of course, me and family are happy, my friends and I having a great time all together.
I want a stable and rewarding career. cause I love shopping with my own money.

I want to taking care about family finance. paying the bill etc.
probabily a guy that can make me happy, can make my family and friends comfortable with him.
handsome. hahahah.

well, who doesnt want a perfect life right? all sure do. but its future,
we cant predict something that we expect is going to happen,
but at least we try towards it.

last for now, have a great future plans people. make a right choice.

Wednesday, 8.14pm

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