Grrr, omg. 
Lembab gila kot this upgrade thing.
I was waiting from this morning,
and guess what this heck thing won't finish yet.

but it's okay, I hope it worth it, cause
my ios is the newest one.

aku rasa dia lembab sebab upgrade sekali dengan iTunes.
gosh, kalau aku tau semalam aku upgrade sesiap dahhhh!

rilex, chillax. sabar.

but I can't wait for more. I want it now.
so frustrated balik balik, laptop in sleep mode,
and the download software was stop.

but it not stop for the way it was.
I must download it back.
yup, pain. download again!

this thing sucks. kalau tak upgrade lembab beno.
dah tu, most of the app need ios 6.
but don't worreehhh, my ios 6. and up above.

erghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! can you get a little more faster? oh no, a lightning faster!

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