Tough yet Amazing moment :)

Well, I think that everyone knows that I'd studying in kmpp
which is stand for Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang.

Silang Budaya. 
 This is first semester, I get attached to the dance in Silang Budaya event without my presence of mind. Silang Budaya ni is more like hari terbuka for raya and every classes had provided one place to make it like open house. 
Oh God, jangan tanya, but seriously maluuuu. haha. I had to dance in front of all student kmpp and with board of director too. I look funny and miserable. Tough yet sweet to remember.

Silang Budaya.
 Haa, kalut semua nak tangkap gambar since our ketua praktikum menyanyi. HAHAHA, weirdo kot kami. haha. padahal nothing la. everyone singing too.

practically ex-classmate and my coursemate too!
 Okay, this one is when we had Merentas Desa. Yeshh, I know that feeling. "what?! matric do have merentas desa? what desa? bendang?" haha. Yup, I had been questioning that too.
It was really hot sunny day, we had to gather around at astaka, which is more like padang with those concrite stage in front of it, but whatever. Panas nak mati. semua dah maki, 3pm gather kat situ, just because we had to wait several guy yang lewat. yess, badan panas, hati sama panas. that's totally tough.

Bowling time! with coursemate 
 bowling, which is, aku pergi dengan kenderaan sendiri. well, it Saturday, and I at home. so, datang sendiri. Bhahaha, kesian yang lain, datang naik bas kmpp. well, this is sweet.

Outing with roomiess!
 Roomates and I went to Jusco just for fun, relieved your pain and stress in kmpp. so, tangkap gambar pakai mesin yang tangkap gambar warna pink which is quite cute but muka all fake. since when my eyes get so big? This is sweet.

This is A1p6, and We rock -.-
 My class in kmpp. A1P6. Luckily I hooked up in there with one of my ex-classmate in 2ndary school. Jieja is her name and she's the one who wearing the chili hot red tudung and baju hitam. left side. This is also sweet :)

Larian Kakom.
Menyeksa tau larian kakom segala ni. Bukannya best pun. Dah la jauh kemain. Jauh benar, pecah lemak kot. Balik bilik terbongkang. Haih, and I'm not a person who like to run. I hate running. That's why I'm getting more fat. this is tough.
Look there's Marina(mena), Me(mina), Huda and Lina!
We're having fun jogging(is not more like jogging, it more to walking, makan angin but to me, it's jogging)
beriadah lah kata orang :) this is teribbly sweet.

And lastly the picture of me and my friend in kuliah and tutorial. Actually banyak, tapi malas upload :D sorry for that laziness. It going through in my vein, so I'm kinda lazy right now.

Ana and me

Jieja, me and Ana (yes, ana mmg suka tgkap gmbr)
Jieja and me, Idk why, tp semua asyik kata muka sama. yeke?

me being a geek.
so, enough said, enough story. well, kmpp do left me a thousand of sweet memories and also a tough moment(especially exam and quizes)
So long kmpp, have a great journey with my juniors :)

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