Thursday, July 04, 2013

Aku tak tahu berapa lama aku tercongok depan komputer untuk nak tulis new entry.
It's been a long night, and rainy.

untuk orang - orang macam aku, hujan memang akan membawa kepada ketiduran.
but I don't know, why am sitting here writing a new post.

A lot that I've learn these day, these month, or these severals year. 
tough day I've been there.
a moment when nobody would be around when you're crying hugging your knees.

listening a songs that could make you more relax but it happen instead.
crying out loud. pelik tapi benar.

but all that just happen in the past. all you need to move on
and see foward. forget all things that make you miserable once.
so that it wont make it twice. isn't it?

But we're just human, we can't fight against destiny that has been wrote for us.
That's why we as a muslim, must believe with qada' dan qadar. believe in Allah.

There's a couple of entries that I've post. it's about how I'd felt during my miserable day.
Rasa macam bodoh pun ada. Tulis bagai nak rak, then delete. Aku nak tergelak pun ada.
well, aku tulis sebab aku just nak lepas something yang aku hold for a long days. So I've wrote.
Aku rasa okay esoknya. Bila baca rasa macam bengap pun ada. That's why delete. he he he.

Okaylah, seems that rain has stop, so do I. let's go to sleep :)

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