Phew, Finally.

Assalamualaikum and hello citizens.
Finally, my header is change.

I exactly don't even know how long does I sit in front of this laptop
and trying to be friendly with those codes.

So! what do you think about my header?
bhahaha, buruk la kan? haha. Tak pro lagi nak buat benda alah semua ni.

Anyways, talk about header, I totally forgot how to do it and
how to put in my blog.
how amazed matriculation can be. haha.

okay, asyik cerita pasal matrik, so what's up matric kan?
okay, I'm going to start to story my life there starting tonight.

Since, tonight I've got nothing to do.
Let's sharing thahhh storiiiii togethahhh.
you can ignore the meaning of this picture. It had nothing to do with the topic.

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